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Trekthis.co.uk is a UK based Star Trek news information site. Set up by fans for fans. We will limit the number of Adverts that will appear on the site. Within the contents of our posts an advert might be included but only on longer posts, shorter posts will not be affected.

We guarantee that we will never offer click bait stories.

The purpose of Trek This is to bring the latest news direct from reliable sources to a UK and world audience as they break to the best of our ability. We will of course offer opinions pieces on trailers, casting news and developments within the Star Trek Universe but we will never post anything that is pure speculation intended to do nothing more than incite negativity and bring the franchise or its current incumbents down. This site is for Star Trek and all of Star Trek, this includes New Trek and the Kelvin Timeline films.

There will be time to time that we might writie an article that speculates on possible episode stories and character development but as mentioned we not use speculation to spread unfounded rumours or unconfirmed reports.

Also please remember that this site is not run by professional journalists so please accept that some posts might have the odd spelling mistake or gramical error. For that we apologise but all articles will be proof read to the best of our ability.

I hope that you enjoy the contents of the site, please feel free to share comments and ideas and spread the word of Trekthis.co.uk and if you would like to get in touch with us please use the form on the contact us page.

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Writing Team

David Milburn

Editor / Writer.

From Liverpool, England

Twitter: @DeMilburn / @ArtbyDemilburn

Elliot Thorpe

Editor / Writer

From London, England

Website: https://deanmartinassociation.com/

Jack McMorrow


From London, England

Twitter: @Jack1706A

Vedran Bileta


From Mainz, Germany

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