GalaxyCon: Virtual sessions With Star Trek Alum

David Milburn

Covid19 has impacted so much on the convention scene in 2020 but with the joys of modern technology, we dont need to miss out on seeing our favourite Star Trek stars.

San Diego Comic Con, MCM Comic Cons, London Film and Comic Con, Destination Star Trek and many others have all fell foul of the pandemic crippling and devastating the world. While there are more important things in life during this terrible period; the opportunity to see our favourite TV and Film stars offers a much-needed release from the grim reality that is modern life.

And thanks to modern technology, we have not been left with an empty slate of cons to attend. San Diego showed that you could do a large scale virtual online convention, even if its struggled in some part with its content; The Virtual Con was born and was then then later mastered with the amazing DC Fandome event and to some success the recent Star Trek Day. With this current crop on online events springing up, we here at will be keeping you all up to date with the upcoming appearances of our favourite Star Trek stars. Its worth noting that due to travel restrictions around the world and the level of the pandemic in the USA, the majority of these virtual cons will be based in America so timings might be a little late for some of our UK readers.

This brings us to Galaxy Con Live. Galaxy Con started life as a company running large scale events, similar to the MCM brand here in the UK, but have moved online to deliver virtual content; given the current market this is a very good business model. Galaxy Con Live according to the site is:

“GalaxyCon Live is your chance to chat one-on-one with your favourite celebrities through One-on-One Video Chats, Personalized Autographs, and Interactive Live Streaming Q&A’s.
GalaxyCon Live! brings the convention experience to the comfort of your own home and allows YOU to connect with celebrities like never before! “

Not only can you view a free stream of guest panels but if you are willing to pay you can purchase autographs, merchandise, AND a one on one video chat.  So, what do they have coming up?

You can see a full Schedule of events by clicking HERE

And it’s quite an amazing line up of panels they have which include Doctor Who, DC Legends of Tomorrow, Babylon 5, the cast of Supergirl but most importantly, and relevant to us, Star Trek.

Saturday 19th to Sunday 20th September is the Star Trek: The Next Generation Live Experience. Starting at 5:00pm GMT on Saturday and 7:00pm GMT on Sunday you can watch a free live stream with cast members including a Q&A with the cast.

On Saturday you can see Jonathan Frakes, John De Lancie and Gates McFadden. Sunday we are gifted with Marina Sirtis, Denise Crosby and Brent Spiner.

Sessions last about an hour but if you have paid for the one on one, they start pretty much after the Q&A streams. You must register for the event as you will be given an access code to log onto the stream so a virtual ticket must be purchased, click here for all the details

But that’s not all Trek fans! No, you can also see Walter Koenig from The Original Series as part of the Babalon 5 panel on September 26th (Details here)

But WAIT! There’s more!

William Shatner will also be hosting his own Virtual Experience on Saturday October 3rd starting at 5:00pm GMT. All the details on tickets and one on one purchases can be found HERE

I will be attending the The Next Generation and William Shatner panels so I will report back any news that is released on upcoming Trek shows, especially seeing as Frakes is directing episodes of Discovery and John De Lancie is returning to Star Trek as Q. No doubt he will get a LOT of questions.

Will you be attending? Let us know below or on our Twitter account @trekthisUK or on Facebook

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