SPOILERS: First Teaser News for Lower Decks season 2

David Milburn

Following on from the series finale of Lower Decks, we get some the first tidbits for season 2 courtesy of New York Comic Con.

This article contains spoilers for the season finale of Star Trek: Lower Decks, so close this page if you do not want any information. Scroll past the image below if you want to know more!

I wont touch too much on the series as a whole for Lower Decks; the site was launched in September pretty much when the series was in full flow so we didn’t see the point in episode reviews, we will instead be doing a full series review in the coming days. But what I will say was the series finale was good. Very good in fact and it brought a special treat for long term Trek fans.

William T Riker returned to our screens. A less serious version of what had come before but still a very welcome return just as he was in Picard. He was not alone as Deanna Troi was also back and by his side as she always will be, and both voiced by Jonathan Frakes and Marina Sirtis respectively who it was obvious was enjoying themselves. While this in itself is a treat, what made it even more special was Riker was Captain of the USS Titan, swooping in to save the USS Cerritos and her crew from a most perilous predicament.

The episode ended with Boimler achieving his dream and being promoted to a position on the USS Titan, one that he grabs with both hands without looking back. Something that irritates Mariner.

This is where season 2 will pick up and in that first episode we will see the return of Jonathan Frakes as Captain Riker on the USS Titan and Deanna Troi. The finale was nothing more than a cameo so its fair to say that we could see a more sustained role for the two Trek stalwarts. It was hinted during the panel that Boimler took the promotion without thinking of his friends because he was following his heart and its been a driving force behind his character all season. The opening of season 2 could see a Boimler regretting that decision and wanting to somehow get back to the USS Cerritos. Could that lead to some counselling from Troi or some wise words of advice from Riker. Right now, we cannot say but its something to certainly look forward to in season 2.

Series creator and Executive Producer Mike McMahan also suggested that there will be more interaction and development between Mariner and Tendi. In summing up he had this to say:

“I don’t wanna spoil anything, but I will say that we had a blast first season. The second season, we have learned a lot and what we knew is that we love these characters so right off the bat we were like, lets get Mariner and Tendi in a story, like, what does that look like. Boimlers on the Titan, you know we don’t undo that like we start the season Boimler is on the Titan, you will be seeing Riker again right at the beginning of next season for sure. So, the only other thing about season two I wanna say is that its even bigger and its even funnier and its still very Star Trek”.

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