Watch the first few minutes of Star Trek: Discovery Season 3 Episode 1

David Milburn

During the NYCC Star Trek panel, Sonequa Martin-Green introduced our first glimpse at the new season of Discovery 3

The Star Trek Universe panel has not long come to an end and while we digest every that was discussed, its what has been shown that has us most excited here at

Earlier on we posted the amazing news that Kate Mulgrew is returning to the Star Trek Universe, to follow this up we have the first few minutes of Star Trek Discovery’s opening episode to enjoy and of course to start to wildly speculate about, but before that, have a look at this.

From this video we get a little bit more information on David Ajala’s character Cleveland ‘Book’ Booker and its quite clear that he is a bit of a rogue. During the panel he touched a bit more on his characters background.

“Mr Cleveland Booker is going to be, your introduction into the new world, into the future. He’s similar to the other characters, he has left his past and is rediscovering his identity in the future and his purpose but he is doing it on his jack jones (Cockney slang for alone)”

Although he has left his past, its clear from the video that his past has not left him and he is chased through what looks like a debris field of former star ships until he encounters a fresh from the past Michael Burnham. As with all comic con teaser trailers or clips from the show, this one is no different as in it does not give us too much to go on and gives pretty much nothing away. Which for fans is great but limits what I can write without making a fool of myself with wild speculation.

Also, as a bonus, although it was not part of the panel, a video was released earlier of a new season 3 teaser which was shown after the finale of Star Trek Lower Decks, you can check that out below.

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