Trek Back: ‘Trials and Tribble-ations’

Vedran Bileta

Written By: Ronald D. Moore and René Echevarria Directed By: Jonathan West Story By: Ira Steven Behr, Hans Beimler and Robert Hewitt Wolfe   The year is 1996. Star Trek is enjoying its golden age and celebrating its Thirtieth anniversary. To mark this special occasion, two TOS tribute episodes are […]

Trek Back: ‘Unification I’

Elliot Thorpe 2

Written by: Jeri Taylor (story by Michael Piller and Rick Berman) Directed by: Les Landau Transmission date: 4 November 1991 In September 1991 Star Trek celebrated 25 years. We were treated to The Undiscovered Country in the December. On television, The Next Generation gave us ‘Unification I’. While billed and […]

Star Trek and Me – Jack

Jack McMorrow

To find passion and meaning in something is a wonderful thing as it can bring people together in unexpected ways. Our Star Trek and Me series continues with Jack who talks about how his love for the franchise helped guide him, create long lasting friends and a strong moral footing.  […]

Deep Space Nine – The Darker Side of Utopia

Vedran Bileta

Deep Space Nine representated a perceived change in direction for the Star Trek franchise but did it end up being closer to Gene Roddenberrys vision than any Star Trek that came before? From its inception, Star Trek followed Gene Roddenberry’s vision. The vision of a bright future, where humanity was […]

Star Trek and Me – Elliot

Elliot Thorpe

What makes a fan a fan? Fan is a contraction of fanatic. You’re here reading this because you’re a fan. You might be a fanatic. But on whatever level you’re at, you share the same love that we all have for one specific franchise: Star Trek. I know people who […]