Trek This Out: Weekly Roundup Stardate: 2009.25

David Milburn

Jonathan Frakes and his Q movie pitch, DC Fontana and Rene Auberjonois remembered and a funny series of adverts pitting Trek against Wars… sort of. The end of another week in Trek and below are some more news items picked up from the Star Trek Universe. Jonathan Frakes pitched for […]


Elliot Thorpe

At the very opening of Where No Man Has Gone Before, Kirk is there and ready, fully defined as a Starfleet officer whose first duty and best destiny is to be one of Starfleet’s greatest captains. Captain Pike, by comparison, was only ever intended to be a foot-note in Star […]

Trek This Out: Weekly Roundup 18th Sept

David Milburn

Noah Hawleys Trek film, Wil Wheaton’s call to fans and More. A new weekly roundup of Star Trek related news and stories found online that never quite made to full publication. A lot happens in the Star Trek Universe over the course of a 7 day period so join us […]

Star Trek: Quibbles With Tribbles Review

David Milburn

From the good people who brought us the Star Trek: Graphic Novel Collection and Star Trek: The Official Starships Collections comes a stand along book for all wannabe Treksperts. Now this is a treat that is hard to beat. A new book from Hero Collector is available for purchase right […]