Star Trek: Discovery – Behind the Scenes Collection Part One

David Milburn

As Star Trek: Discovery reaches its 5th episode, we take a look at the plethora of behind the scenes photos and videos that the official Star Trek website and Star Trek CBS have released online. 

I don’t know about you, but I love to see what happens behinds the scenes of a TV show or feature film. I am fascinated by the process that follows from inception, to script to design to screen. There is nothing I enjoy more than a ‘making of…’ documentary that you mind find on a DVD or Blu-ray release. However, as online streaming becomes more popular along side social media accounts and the rise of the aftershow, we are now gaining more and more access into how our favourite shows are put together. With interviews from the production team, designers, actors and directors we truly gain an insight in what goes into making the action we see on the screen. With that in mind, we have collated together a whole raft of behind the scenes videos and photos for your viewing pleasure. Collated from the twitter accounts of  Star Trek and Star Trek CBS

This is only part one, as Discovery progresses I am sure the makers will release more behind the scenes materials so we will do a part 2 and keep you update near the end of the seasons run.

First up, 30 photos, click to enlarge.


Motion Graphics

Stunt Coordination

Prop Design

Costume Design

The Far Colony

The Caves of Mak’ala

Let us know if we have missed anything the comments below and make sure to check back in a few weeks for more behind the scenes goodness.

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