Watch: The Ready Room with Wil Wheaton Episodes 1-4

David Milburn

Watch the first four episodes of The Ready Room hosted by Wil Wheaton and check out where to view future episodes which normally airs a few hours after the latest instalment of season 3.

The Ready Room is a companion series to Star Trek: Discovery that offers behind the scenes gossip and interviews with the cast and crew and gives a great insight into the making of the show and how it all comes together. Although this airs normally on CBS All Access it can be a bit of a search to view it if your in the UK. The CBS Youtube page is region locked so you cannot watch it via that and it is not a part of the contract with Netflix.

However we are collating where you can watch the episodes going forward.

You can view episodes via the website and their Facebook page. It has also been made available on the Star Trek CBS Instagram account. We have placed the first four episode below in case you havent seen any of them yet and going forward will be posting the latest episodes alongside our Reviews for season 3 of Discovery for your convinience.

Episode One – That Hope is You

Read our review here

Episode Two – Far From Home

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Episode Three – People of Earth

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Episode Four – Forget Me Not

Read our review here

As stated, going forward the Ready Room will be available alongside our reviews of future episodes. Starting with Episode 5 when its aired in the UK on Netflix on Friday 13th. Our reviews normally go online on the Saturday to help avoid any spoilers.

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