ViacomCBS launching Paramount+, Could UK be a Future Destination?

David Milburn

New Name, New Logo, New Original Content. CBS All Access is changing. But Could it be Coming to the UK?

Some news coming out of ViacomCBS today relating to the previously announced rebranding of the CBS All Access Streaming platform. From early 2021 CBS All Access will go by the name of Paramount+ and will come with a new logo.

Star Trek fans will no doubt be aware that Viacom, who owned the rights to the Star Tek movies and CBS who owns the TV rights, finally cam back together as one unit in 2019; meaning that the Star Trek franchise was again under one roof.

It was then announced in May 2020 that CBS All Access which had brought us Star Trek: Discovery, Star Trek: Picard and later Star Trek: Lower decks, was to be rebranded under this new merger. What does this mean for Star Trek? At the moment nothing, there are unconfirmed rumors circulating that from the merger a power struggle for control of the franchise has begun but until something is concrete, we won’t go into any details here. However, for UK fans, this is potentially leading to a more international platform, one that UK audiences can finally gain access too. On the press release issued today, Paramount+ will debut internationally with initial launches in Australia, The Nordic countries and Latin America with a rebranding of the exitings CBS brands. If those debuts are successful, then Paramount+ could find its way to the UK as ViacomsCBS owns UK station Channel 5 and My5 so a structure is already in place. At present we are relying on the likes of Netflix and Amazon Prime to get our new Star Trek show fix. With the relaunch there is always the possibility that Paramount+, with full access to Paramount Studios film library and the promise of new content for the platform, will find its way to our shores. Such as the release of Disney+ earlier this year.

This would make financial sense for Paramount+ and ViacomCBS; they are no doubt making a lot of money from international distribution rights, but bringing Trek back under their roof and launching the service internationally would ad subscription numbers and a bigger potential profit. This could also be a reason why Lower Decks has not found a home outside of the US or Canada, they could be keeping as a way to help sell the streaming service. A stumbling block to this would also be someting similar to what Disney faced; that a lot of its programing are tied up in deals with other networks and TV operators.

At present, it is of course way too early to tell if this will indeed be the long term goals of ViacomCBS. We will continue to update you all on Paramount+ as and when we get information, however, below is a statement from President and CEO of ViacomCBS Bob Bakish and a promotional video for the launch.

“Paramount is an iconic and storied brand beloved by consumers all over the world, and it is synonymous with quality, integrity and world-class storytelling, with Paramount+, we’re excited to establish one global streaming brand in the broad-pay segment that will draw on the sheer breadth and depth of the ViacomCBS portfolio to offer an extraordinary collection of content for everyone to enjoy.”

What do you think? If Paramount+ came to the UK would you subscribe? If you had joined Netflix / Amazon Prime for the sole purpose of watching new Trek, would you cancel those platforms? Let us know in the comments below. or on our Twitter account @trekthisUK or on Facebook

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