The Build-up to Star Trek: Discovery

David Milburn

With Star Trek: Discovery season 3’s premier just around the corner, we thought we would collate all images and videos released so far in the build up to episode one. For those in the US they get to see the first episode of Season 3 on Thursday 15th which at […]

Forward Thinking

Elliot Thorpe

Since the last days of the USS Voyager, those at Paramount/CBS saw the future of Star Trek as being in the past. Perhaps it was DS9’s rather touching ‘Trials and Tribble-ations’ that whetted appetites. First we had Enterprise (initially dropping the Star Trek moniker to indicate that it wasn’t Star […]


Elliot Thorpe

At the very opening of Where No Man Has Gone Before, Kirk is there and ready, fully defined as a Starfleet officer whose first duty and best destiny is to be one of Starfleet’s greatest captains. Captain Pike, by comparison, was only ever intended to be a foot-note in Star […]