Trek This Out: Weekly Roundup Stardate: 2011.16

David Milburn

Trekthis Out returns with more tidbits from around the Star Trek Universe including upcoming William Shatner, Kate Mulgrew and Nichelle Nichols at Galaxy Con events, the Picard UK Blu-ray release and more. As you may or may not know, we here at collate a bunch of news and information […]

Trek Back: ‘Unification I’

Elliot Thorpe 2

Written by: Jeri Taylor (story by Michael Piller and Rick Berman) Directed by: Les Landau Transmission date: 4 November 1991 In September 1991 Star Trek celebrated 25 years. We were treated to The Undiscovered Country in the December. On television, The Next Generation gave us ‘Unification I’. While billed and […]

Star Trek Day Highlights

David Milburn

Star Trek Day was a celebration of all things Star Trek on the shows 54th Anniversary. It was an event that kept on giving. As well as some information on upcoming shows including Star Trek: Strange New Worlds it also brought back former cast members who gave an insight into […]