Trek This Out: Weekly Roundup Stardate: 2010.25

David Milburn

Latest batch of news roundup that this week features the unveiling of a Captain Janeway statue, production dates of upcoming Trek shows, Armin Shimerman talking Quark and the Royal Mails new Trek Stamp collection.

Kate Mulgrew present at Janeway statue unveiling and offers details on her casting in Star Trek: Prodigy

Kathryn Janeway is to be born on 20th May 2336, she will go on to captain the USS Voyager and become one of the most iconic captains in the Federations history. This of course is all fictional, but not unlike their Iowa based counterparts, Indiana has unveiled a monument to this significant moment in Star Treks fictional past. Like Kirk before her, Janeway, and indeed the actress that plays her, Kate Mulgrew have been honored with a statue celebrating the future birthplace in Bloomington.

Kate Mulgrew was present, albeit virtually for the unveiling in which she shared her joy at the impact the character she played for 7 seasons has had on people’s lives:

“I’m not often rendered speechless, but in this moment I am. How many people have such a marvellous thing done in their honour, in their memory. It’s a wonderful comment on Janeway’s legacy… And hearing you all speak today is deeply moving to me. To realize that Janeway has had such an important role in your lives, and I think in cultural history, it not only terribly affecting for me, but makes me want to go forth in a new way. And I am doing that with Prodigy. But this recognition is something extraordinary to me and I am deeply proud to be honoured in this way.”

Speaking of Star Trek: Prodigy, it was during a brief Q&A session that lead to the question on her return to the iconic role.

“Frankly, the negotiations took quite a long time. It was animated as you know. I think only of live-action when I think of Captain Janeway, live-action being what it is: very rigorous, very challenging, and often quite daunting. So, when Alex Kurtzman presented me with this idea, I wasn’t entirely sure, and then over the months the conversation evolved into what we could bring to an entirely new demographic of watchers. This being of course young people, and their mothers and their grandmothers. There will be crowded living rooms. I thought that the idea of bringing this to young minds is too exciting, too provocative, and too promising. And that is what sold me in the end.”

During an interview with TrekReport Armin Shimerman talked Quark and a return to the role

The full interview with Shimerman, who talks about his life with Star Trek, being an author and teaching, can be found here and it’s a great interview.

As some of you might know, in the Picard episode ‘Stardust City Rag’ a little easter egg suggested the Quark was not only still around but in fact had become a bit of a success, potentially having bars all over the quadrant (something that was also going to be a factor in a deleted scene in Star Trek: Insurrection). This lead the interviewer to ask if he would ever like to appear as Quark again within one of the new incarnations (Picard being the most likely)

“If they said to me, would you come back and be a guest star for a couple of episodes — I would say yes — absolutely, I would jump at the chance.”

However, he does put a dampener on a more long-term return for Quark, saying that the hours needed in makeup is too harsh for him at his age, but a cameo would certainly be on the cards.  

Royal Mail release new celebration of Star Trek Stamp Collection

If you are into stamp collecting, or just want some Star Trek themed postage then you need to look no further than the Royal Mail who this week unveiled their latest Star Trek collection. Featuring characters from all areas of the franchise and available in special presentation packs you are sure to find something for you.  

You can browse and purchase the stamps here

Star Trek Production Dates

An eagle-eyed Star Trek fan on Facebook brought to my attention the website STV Plus which gives information on ratings for US shows, TV pilots, and production information. Below is a screengrab showing dates for production for Star Trek: Discovery, Star Trek: Picard season 2 and 3 as well as Star Trek: Strange New Worlds.

Now I don’t know how trusted this site is but if true it shows a potential timeline of when we can expect to see the new Star Trek shows. We know that Discovery has already begun its pre-production and that Strange New Worlds put out a casting call earlier this week so its feasible that the Anson Mount lead show could start its pre-production after Christmas with February as a likely time point. CBS did also announce that Picard would film its second and third seasons back to back.

If these dates are true then we could have a situation not too dissimilar to what we had these past two months that saw two Star Trek shows airing back to back when Discovery season 3 launched a week after Lower Decks had finished. Now that would be nice.

Gene Roddenberry 21st August 1921 – 24th October 1991.

Finally. This week saw the anniversary of Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry’s passing on the 24th October.

“He’s not really dead, as long as we remember him” – Leonard McCoy – Star Trek II The Wrath Of Khan

Rest in Peace.

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